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Julie's Blog


Real Estate Consulting & Fee-For-Services----Back to the Future


1999. Seems like just yesterday when I first founded/launched the International Association of Real Estate Consultants (IAREC®) and the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®(C-CREC) education program/designation. The mission was straightforward: train savvy real estate agents to become consumer-centric real estate consultants, creating a win/win for the profession and consumers alike. One of the key components of our mission was to make the real estate process more transparent to consumers----educate them, and let them choose which services they wanted and pay what those services were worth----unbundling real estate services in an a la carte fashion. The consumer surveys and de-briefings I did across the country told me that real estate buyers and sellers wanted choices, payment options, and to have greater control in the real estate process. This was reinforced by survey results reported by industry giant A.D. Little Consulting for the National Association of Realtors®. You can view a PowerPoint® presentation of these results at

Yes, we were cutting/bleeding edge; and no, we certainly weren’t “politically correct”. After all, introducing a new business approach to an industry that was stuck with a “one-size-fits-all” traditional model for more than one-hundred years is no easy feat! But agents and consumers alike voted with THEIR feet, and we grew to more than 1,500 members internationally. As I’m fond of saying,“The pioneers may have gotten the arrows, but they also got all the land” and our C-CREC designees are no exception. C-CREC® designee , Bill Wendel’s company, The Real Estate Cafe operates virtually in Greater Boston, MA., celebrates its “Sweet Sixteen” birthday this year. Using the fee-for-service consultancy approach, Bill has helped his buyer clients save over $1 million (at least on paper) three of the last four years.  He’s a living testament to the fact that tech-savvy, do-it-yourself homebuyers want to purchase services “a la carte” and that the trends IAREC identified more than a decade ago have delivered results!

If you’ve heard of IAREC®, fee-for-service real estate consultancy, and/or had the privilege of knowing one of our C-CREC® members, we welcome you to join our tribe. We’ve done much, are capable of more, and continue on track to transform the real estate industry into a kinder/gentler profession, assisting one satisfied consumer at a time. Join us to see why, since 1999, our slogan and our creed remains, “Consumer-Centered; Results-Focused”.

Julie Garton-Good, DREI, C-CREC
Founder, International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

Ask me about “Entheos” and being a “Great Encourager”!.








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