Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®)

What Attendees Are Saying About the C-CREC® Designation Course:

"Julie's C-CREC designation course was one of the few classes I've attended where I went out while taking the class, invoiced for a task and ultimately got paid."
Neil Hubbard, C-CREC®
Memphis, TN

" The International Association of Real Estate Consultants®, and its iconic founder, Julie Garton-Good have scored another home run! IAREC's updated C-CREC® e-course is a masterful educational opportunity. Real estate professionals will benefit from the online course's entertaining array of videos, photos, slides, and deep insights. The universe of "how to" generate more fee-for-service income is delightfully presented by Julie -- from soup to nuts. As a small town Counselor of Real Estate® , I found invaluable new consulting ideas throughout the C-CREC® course materials. In particular, I liked the 6-page Supplement takeaway piece, "The More Than 240 Services Provided by a C-CREC®."
Syd Machat, CRE, C-CREC®
Keedysville, Maryland

“I can immediately put into practice what I learned.”

Richard Gregory, C-CREC®, ABR, CRS, GRI
Wolf Creek Realty, Inc.
Memphis, TN

I first learned the value of consulting when a repeat client needed relocation referral assistance and contacted me for a consultation. When all was said and done, I made more money as a consultant and referring consultant than I would have if I'd listed their home, paid the cost of advertising, plus the value of my time doing research and management of the property during an eight-month marketing period. My recap on this consultancy project was 39.45 hours @ $125 per hour for a total of $4,931.25.

This "fee for service" consulting approach in conjunction with, not in place of, traditional real estate service is not only fascinating for both Realtor® and consumer, but it can be - and I predict will be - the next revolution propelled by the consumer.
Sheila Hensley, ABR, C-CREC®
Memphis, Tennessee

“Excellent! I really enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it”
Norman Kleinman C-CREC®
Feren Stockdale-Leggo, Australia

“The excitement Julie brought to the course and the confidence she has for her product it will work!”
Barbara Wood, REALTOR, C-CREC®
Century 21 Executives
Clarkston, MI

“This was the most informative course that I’ve attended in quite a while.”
Robert Pettigrew C-CREC®
Chambers Hall Commercial Real Estate Services, Canada

Greetings to my fellow real estate professionals! In 2001, my real estate career was at the twenty-year milestone and I was seeing many, many changes in the industry, especially in the areas of computer use and internet real estate marketing applications. Then, I began to hear a recurring question during listing presentations. Mr. & Mrs. Seller would ask, "Why is there such a huge difference between what a seller listing a $100k home for sale and a seller listing a $500k home for sale pay at closing for your brokerage services? WOW, I could see right then and there that the consumers were beginning to "see through" the "X" percentage same-old-way we did business.

I did my own research and discovered the National Association of Real Estate Consultants® (now International Association of Real Estate Consultants® website, which offered a course to teach me just how to respond to questions like those, while offering consumers an alternative to the same old way. After taking the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® designation course and learning about how to build a consultative real estate alternative using the "Fee-For-Services Model", I essentially broke down all brokerage marketing and representation behaviors into a menu from which consumers could select just what they needed from me, and conversely, do what they were willing to do themselves (to save money). This has been very well received by prospective clients and relates very well to something they already understand: the way other professionals are compensated, namely attorneys and accountants, financial planners, etc. The real estate business is very different now in 2011 and I encourage all of you who read this to consider a new way of doing business. After all, I've heard it said, that if you can't win at the game by playing it the "same old way", perhaps you simply need to "change the game".
Tom Stackhouse, C-CREC®
Morton, PA

“As a long-time practitioner in the real estate industry, I've attended hundreds of courses over the years. The C-CREC program is at the top of my list of courses to recommend to others. Not only is the information timely and relevant for today's real estate market, the course content and flow make the program both educational and enjoyable for the participant. 5 stars! "

Judy Cook, C-CREC®
Cook & Company, Ltd.
Mentoring Property Managers
Sparks, Nevada



As a real estate professional, if you can't quickly answer the following questions, your profitability and flexibility may be constrained in today's marketplace:

1. What is one hour of your time worth?
2. What does it cost you to perform one transaction side?
3. How much "FREE" are you giving away and how could you convert that to "FEES"?
4. What tasks/services can you charge a la carte for beginning today, to create extra "money-in-the-mailbox?

If you had difficulty answering these questions and/or are sick and tired of squandering your professional time and talents, then it's time to reinvent yourself and your business, as an unbundled Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®).


Upon completion of the C-CREC® designation and Fee-For-Services New Business Models course, you'll be able to:

• Clearly differentiate between "discounting" and "fee-for-services consulting"
• Drastically reduce the amount of free/non-fee services you provide
• Decide which services you can safely unbundle and which should remain packaged, and why (based on licensing laws and liability)
• Determine the dollar value of one-hour of your time, the profitability of each service you provide, and which services you should never perform again
• Cement a client relationship for life using the Consumer Needs Assessment® tool combined with retainer fees and a customized "Results Timeline" for each consulting engagement
• Customize a two-page "Our Game Plan for Working Together" agreement to explain to consumers what you will and won't do, their role in your partnership---reduced to writing and agreed to before you start working together
• Determine the best target market niche and design products/services to deliver to that target client, including passive "money-in-the-mailbox" products to sell from your website via e-commerce
• Complete and apply a three-page business plan to seamlessly integrate consulting activities into you current listing/selling business (if applicable)
• Access and personalize downloadable forms, checklists, logos, and consumer-centric marketing materials as a C-CREC® designee

Need more information? Click here to download a course brochure in pdf format.

If you're ready to start working smarter, not harder, and take back control of your business, we encourage you to enroll in the online course.

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The Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®) designation, launched in 2000 by real estate educator Julie Garton-Good, is the first international education program of its kind to train agents how to unbundle their services and skills via a fee-for-services consulting approach with the consumer. Also known as "real estate a la carte" this unique approach creates transparency for consumers, allowing them to customize what they need, and pay you professional fees to receive it---just like other business professionals are compensated. Fee-for-services consulting can be used as a sole business model, or seamlessly meshed into your existing listing/selling business. It's the results-oriented solution to the activities-busy dilemma that's long plagued the real estate profession.

More than a decade of information was gathered directly from consumers via one-on-one interviews, surveys, home fairs, etc. to query what consumers wanted from real estate professionals and were willing to pay for, as well as what they disliked and/or didn't understand about the process. After sifting through the issues, the results were incorporated into the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® designation curriculum offered through the International Association of Real Estate Consultants® (IAREC). The course is presented from a consumer-centric position, dispelling long-held industry myths and pinpointing how consumers want to work with professionals as re-invented trusted advisors.

One of the greatest benefits to the C-CREC® designee is crunching the numbers to determine exactly how much you are worth---per hour, per task, per consulting engagement; and then to analyze what's truly profitable. Once realized, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and "FREE" services are either eliminated or converted into "FEES"!

This text will be replaced

If you'd like to see a more detailed overview of the C-CREC® course, click to view a video.

If you resonate with these concepts and want to reinvent yourself as a trusted real estate advisor with "clients for life", not solely a salesperson.

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Once you're a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® you'll have access to myriad cutting-edge tools to assist in launching and fine-tuning the real estate consulting portion of your business.

C-CREC® Consumer-Centric, Results-Focused Materials Include:

• "21 Ways You'll Benefit by Working with me, a C-CREC®" personalized brochure
• "Seven Guidelines for Fair Consumer Pricing in Real Estate" personalized brochure
• Consumer-Needs Assessment® CNA® personalized worksheets
• "Our Game Plan for Working Together" agreement
• Personalized "Can You Go it Alone as a Seller?" Quiz
• Personalized "Can You Go it Alone as a Buyer?" Quiz

C-CREC® Business "Power Tools" to Amp Up Your Consulting Power Include:

• C-CREC® Financial Plan Calculations Template
• "Show Me the Profit" Calculator
• "Top Twenty Questions for Framing Your Consulting Business Plan" worksheet
• "Identifying My Consulting Target-market Niches & Products" worksheet
• Your online designee profile accessible to consumers and linked to your business website
• Specialty webinars available solely to C-CREC® designees
• Database access to the latest real estate business model research

As a member of the International Association of Real Estate Consultants® (IAREC) you'll be positioned as one of the few professionals around the globe trained to provide consumer-centric real estate solutions, in the company of peers on the cutting-edge of the real estate profession. Since 1999, our mission remains: "Consumer-centered, Results-focused real estate solutions® If you're ready to kick your business up a notch and differentiate yourself from the masses of other real estate professionals, we're here to help you!

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Does the current market and state of the profession concern you? If not, it should. As an industry that's feverishly held on to the same "one-size-fits-all" business model for more than one-hundred years, it's time we reinvented ourselves and unbundled our services and talents to better assist today's savvy real estate consumer.

Here's why. The real estate meltdown has consumers wondering whom they can trust. They assumed they could trust the lender that got them into the mortgage loan with a payment that's now adjusting into the stratosphere. They assumed that their home equity would continue to rise as a type of forced savings plan for their future. And now, in the aftermath, real estate consumers are disillusioned and searching for a trusted advisor that won't sell them anything (unless they want to buy) and can provide impartial, factual information to help them solve their myriad real estate problems. And since many of today's consumers have real estate concerns that don't involve listing or purchasing (like helping them protest the assessed value of their property) there's never been a better time to become a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®).

"Step Away from FREE!"

The statistics of fewer transactions and low profitability speak for themselves…"free" is killing the real estate profession. If you stop to tally up just how much more "free" traditional agents do today than they did just a few years ago, it's frightening! It runs the gamut from free comparative market analyses to spinning wheels on a short-sale that's unlikely to ever close. And why does this happen? We've erroneously been taught that we need to offer free in order to compete professionally with our peers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When was the last time you saw an orthodontist putting free braces on a child in order to compete with his fellow professional---or a CPA taking on a gratis IRS case just to showcase her value? Unless and until we scrap free in our profession, it will be difficult to elevate the sometimes consumer-perceived status from high-pressured salesperson to trusted advisor.

It's Your Decision: "Free" or "Fee"!

By unbundling your services and providing fee-for-services real estate consulting, (also known as real estate a la carte) you turn your focus from activities-busy work to result-oriented outcome. In other words, you no longer "major in minors". The services you offer focus on your professional value (often on an hourly basis) with profit built into the equation/pricing formula. Instead of working for FREE, you're charging a professional FEE! In fact, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because once you put a tangible value on your time and talents, you want to do more of what works, not what doesn't.

If you're ready to generate passive "money-in-the-mailbox" by converting the free services you provide into viable, reoccurring fees, it's time you learned how by enrolling in the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® designation and Fee-For-Services New Business Model online course!

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If you're like many consumers, the real estate meltdown may have you wondering whom/what you can trust today. Is it the mortgage lender that saddled you with a loan payment that's now adjusting into the stratosphere? How about the fact that you thought your home equity would continue to grow into a sizable nest-egg for your financial future and retirement? And now, in the aftermath, you're disillusioned and searching for a trusted advisor that can provide impartial, factual information to help you answer your real estate questions and solve your real estate needs.

Look no further than a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®)

With a C-CREC®, It's a Transparent Process!

The C-CREC®'s focus is to provide consultative services in a no-pressure, hassle-free environment, by "guiding you, not deciding FOR you"---with no hidden agenda to sell you anything. This allows you, the consumer, to retain maximum control and flexibility; components that are of great importance to savvy real estate consumers.

This unique approach begins with the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® gathering information from you about what you want to achieve, timeframes involved as well as any concerns you may have about attaining your real estate goals. This is called the Consumer Needs Assessment® (CNA®) phase; and upon its completion, you'll be provided with a written copy of the findings. If you and the C-CREC® decide to work together, this information will become the road map/gameplan for your working relationship. Additionally, the real estate consultant will work with you to set pre-determined checkpoints to review the progress made and adjust any approaches or timeframes necessary.

By unbundling services in an a la carte fashion, the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® is able to provide you with various unique "menus of savings" options that allow you to customize your real estate experience. No longer a "one-size-fits-all" traditional real estate approach, you'll move seamlessly towards your results-focused outcome.

Access/Pay for Professional Real Estate Services As You Need Them!

And it's not only the flexibility of working with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant to access the services you need, it's the money-saving potential as well! Whether you're looking for assistance in marketing your home as a for-sale-by-owner, or protesting your property's assessed value and tax bill, you'll compensate the C-CREC® in professional fees, not in a percentage lump sum of your hard-earned home equity. As your trusted advisor in real estate, the C-CREC® serves as a vital financial team player just like your CPA or stock broker.

Where to Begin? Join the Real Estate REvolution!

If you're ready to join the throngs of other savvy real estate consumers who select the services they need, and pay what they're worth, it's in your best interests to work with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®. You can access the detailed online map to locate one near you!

As a real estate professional, if you're ready to put YOURSELF on that map, click to enroll in the online course.

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Is it okay to just take the course, but not receive the designation?

Yes, that's fine. Since there are post-course requirements for the designation, you would not be required to complete those. But because the monetary course investment of $189 is the same with or without the designation, you might want to hold off making a decision until you complete the course. You have one calendar year from course enrollment date to complete the requirements as detailed below.

What are the C-CREC® designation requirements?

In addition to completing the online course work including end of module exams, exercises and forms, you'll be asked to complete the following to submit to IAREC® headquarters (within one year of accessing the course) in order to earn the C-CREC® designation:

1. Pass the end-of-course exam receiving a score of 75% or better;
2. Provide two completed Consumer' Need Assessment® (CNA®) forms, initialed by the consumer (explained in detail in the course) demonstrating your ability to debrief the consumer and analyze his/her needs. AND
3. Write one or more paragraphs describing how you plan to integrate one or more fee-for-service options/programs/services into your current business;
4. Complete two or more of the questions/areas found on either the "Top 20 Questions" form or the "My Business Plan" form (both located in the course supplements/resource materials in the course) demonstrating how you'll begin to integrate real estate consulting into your current business.
5. Be a member in good standing of the International Association of Real Estate Consultants® (IAREC®). You first year's membership is inclusive of your $189 course fee and billed annually thereafter currently at a professional investment of $99. Should your annual dues lapse for more than 90 days, an additional $50 reactivation fee will be assessed.

When can I begin using the C-CREC® designation/logo in my advertisements and in representations to the public?

You can use the C-CREC® designation and logo only after you have met the complete list of requirements. However, membership in IAREC® begins immediately upon course enrollment.

Still have more questions? Please call Susan Burr, EVP, at (208) 746-7963 Or send her a quick email at If you're interested in attending a live course, Susan can assist you as well.

Be honest with yourself---Are you making the kind of income you're capable of making or are you stuck in a rut of catering to everyone else's needs while sacrificing your own? If so, it's time to reinvent yourself as a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® by taking the C-CREC® designation and New Business Models course!

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4 Easy Ways To Enroll...

1. To get enrolled in the online C-CREC® course for your professional investment of just $189, click here to Enroll Now!

2. To sign up by phone, Call Susan at (208) 746-7963, (8am – 5pm Pacific Time). If you call outside of business hours, just leave her a message, your call back number, and the best time to call.

3. To order by mail or fax, click here to print out an enrollment form.

4. If you'd prefer that we call YOU for your enrolling information, click here.

As soon as you enroll, you'll be able to take the course immediately. We'll send you an email with complete access to the online learning website. And you'll even to able to download and print the course supplements and marketing materials to help you follow along and take notes. The good news is that improving the way you do business is just a couple of clicks away!

Enthusiastic about YOUR success!

Julie Garton-Good, DREI, C-CREC®
Founder/ International Association of Real Estate Consultants®
International educator and author of the C-CREC® designation
& Fee-For-Services New Business Model Course

P.S. This should be the part where I tell you that "time is running out, so sign up" or "act now, the price will be increasing soon"----sorry, I won't tell you that since it's not my style to use out-dated salesmanship hype. It was demeaning to read/hear in the past and it certainly doesn't work today! The fact of the matter is that if the educational business development course we're offering is something you feel can improve/enhance your bottom-line and streamline your business, then you're likely to enroll as a student. If not, hopefully you'll return to this course offering and its benefits should it suit your future needs. Thanks for your interest!

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